Typical User Persona

This page lists typical users of our software. Users split into two groups: courts (who judge whom to give money) and recipients (who receive the money).

Note that users listed below are to be considered fictional (even if their names and characters coincide with real persons).


Linus Torvalds

A person who created an important, successful project, but the project still lacks enough money to take the adequate place in society. Linux needs marketing to take place of Windows on desktop.

Pain point: No money for adequate Linux marketing.

Greta Thunberg

A social activist who needs more money for her social project.

Pain point: No money to distribute against climate change.

An average homeowner

He would be like to be rewarded for installing solar panels.

Pain point: It takes money to install them, but he needs to feed children.

Small open source project creator

He created something on GitHub useful or potentially useful for the society and strives to sustain his project.

Pain point: The project brought him zero money and is in danger of be abandoned.

A victim of a war

He was displaced out of his home.

Pain point: Money for home and bread.

A victim of a robbery

All his cash was stolen.

Pain point: He has no money to feed children.

The government of a poor country like Kenya

It was abused by colonialists. It is developing from a low point.

Pain points: Poverty, weak infrastructure.

A student

He strives to work and study at the same time.

A college

It can’t admit students without money.


  • A climate action committee
  • A free software group or society
  • A group of mathematicians
  • An inventor’s society
  • A nonprofit helping victims
  • A nonprofit helping other nonprofits