Prosper Science FAQ

What is the purpose?

We want to help all the scientists and free software developers of the world to be paid accordingly the (forecast) value of their work for the future.

Who forecast the value of the work?

Traders who trade the tokens (like scientists’ “shares”) whose price depends on the planned future events. So the market makes predictions, not a single expert.

When the project launch?

It is expected to be launched quite soon. Most of the software is already written. The main trouble is that we need to check the critical software for errors before the launch. Please donate for paying an independent error checker.

Can I donate for the project now?

Sure. This is the donation link.

If I donate my funds, you lock them for 100 years, I don’t want my funds to start working only after 100 years!

We have invented a way to transfer money from the future, your money will work shortly after the donation.

You transfer money from the future?!

“Transfer from the future” means that the amounts on the accounts will be the same as if we really had a time machine and really transferred the money from the future. It works best when we know the future well enough and traders are interested in long time returns.

Do we know 100 years future well enough?

We know for sure that if the civilization does not collapse completely, physics and mathematics will be important, chemistry will be important, economics will be important, fundamental research gains more importance during long time, etc.

I don’t want to donate, how can I help?

Please “stake” your money (more precisely, tokens) on the contract. If your money remain there till the swap date, they will be taken out by the software. Until the date of the swap, you can take your money back at any time. It is effectively a bequest: if you die or lose your private key, your money no more of a use to you, but we take them.

I prefer to put money to an interest earning account that to bequest to you!

No problem, just put on our account an interest earning token, such as shares. Then, you can at any time withdraw your interest, but if you die while your money are at our account, we get both your shares and your interest.

Is it safe?

The money is managed by a smart contract, a blockchain software that no one can change (the only way to do it is to cancel all the global financial transactions on the blockchain since your transaction, what can’t happen). You can lose access to your money only in the event if you lose your private key (blame yourself in this case or better use a smart wallet with the ability to restore the account). Another reason you would lose your money is an error in this software. Please donate for paying an independent error checker before the project is launched.

Are many traders interested in 100 years forward profit to give value to your tokens?

Maybe not many (or indeed many?), but a small minority of the traders can make a difference, because if a thing is valued by a minority it is still valuable. Consider a genre of music – music bands make huge profits even if the genre has not very many followers.

What are advantages compared to the current system of salaries?

  • Most free software authors are not not paid at all. Many scientists, too.
  • The current system pays to little to beginners even they are very promising. People (and organizations) often just don’t have enough money to start.
  • The salaries are determined by the market, not a centralized entity, so:
    • are more fair
    • are less liable to discrimination
  • We expect that international donations will much increase during near 100 years, so the amounts of money to present scientists will be much higher than now, especially in poor countries.

Is it a scientific research?

It is, a scientific article about details of this project is currently in review in a reputable scientific journal.

How the project is managed?

First, the main smart contract is not upgradeable, that is nobody can change it (the only way to do it is to cancel all the global financial transactions on the blockchain since your transaction, what can’t happen). Second, some its aspects such as the used algorithms to score science and software, the amount of money “taxed” to the DAO, etc. are to be managed by a DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) that is a voting system completely controlled by a blockchain software (also a smart contract). That is the decisions are made by global voting. The vote weight depends on voters’ money, assets donated to this project, and “reputation” (such as compliance to strategies of other voters).

Are the salaries liable to discrimination?

The salaries are determined by (forecast) algorithmic voting results after 100 years. Hopefully after 100 years discrimination will be diminished.

However, sadly, there is a loophole we were unable to eliminate: the global community may vote to discriminate some group of persons for example by deceitfully declaring them dead for our algorithm to stop paying them salaries, or in some way setting a limit of the collateral amount for their tokens.

Hopefully, because the voting is not controlled by a single country or a single region, this won’t happen.

To score the value of a scientific work accurately, you need to be Google!

We allocate a portion of the scientists’ funds to creators of “oracles”. In other words, we are going to hire Google.

Which network do you operate in?

We are going to launch on Ethereum mainnet.

What currency can I donate or stake in?

You can donate in any ERC-1155 token. There are also two gateways between ERC-1155 and ERC-20, so you can also donate any ERC-20 token.

You are not recommended to donate a stablecoin, because their value may be diminished after 100 years. Donating wrapped Ether WETH or some kind of profit-making tokens look like some of the best options.

How can I help?

Right now the best ways to help is to write about this site in your blog and to donate. If you are a blockchain expert, consider reviewing the source code to eliminate possible security vulnerabilities, errors, and other shortcomings.

In the future you will be able to donate directly to the system, participate in governance, trade our “salary” tokens.

I am a scientist or free software developer, how to get my salary?

Download either MetaMask browser extension or Brave browser. Create an Ethereum account. Be sure not to lose your secret phase. (And always thoroughly check your computer for viruses, you are also recommended to install Linux instead of Windows, because Windows viruses do steal Ethereum.)

(After the system will be launched) register your Ethereum address. The earlier you do this, the more money you will receive. After this write your Ethereum address with the note that it is your registered address in “Science of the Future” noticeably at your Web site, your published articles, your Twitter, Facebook, etc. to be noticed by traders.

We expect emergence of some special system for associating your registered in our system Ethereum account with your real name and your publications. For now just write it in your online pages as said above.

Also note that the amount of money at your Ethereum address will be published openly. Be prepared to hire a bodyguard, if you get receiving a big amount of money (or you may publish anonymously pointing the Ethereum address or a pseudonym associated with this address, if the publisher allows this).

How often do you get paid?

You get paid at every blockchain block, that is once per a few seconds currently. Your token starts to be paid at the moment of your registration in the system. Register as early as possible.

You receive exactly one token per second since registration, until you are declared dead.

If I lose my secret phrase and private key?

Our system has the ability to fully restore your (both past and future) salary to another Ethereum account. How exactly the validity of your request to restore your salary is checked against fraudsters, will be determined by a future voting of the community.

Note that currently there is no working system of restoring salary. So be sure not to lose your private key and secret phrase.

You can also use a so called smart wallet with an account restoration feature. Be advised that you need to use a reliable smart wallet with account restoration that is well protected against scammers.

What happens with my salary if I retire?

If traders notice you stop working, you continue to receive your salary (unless you are declared dead) but the value of your tokens may somehow diminish.