Free tech support for installing the Reward Courts is currently provided by Victor Porton <>. In fact, because the installation procedure is complex, I will install it for you, if you ask.

First the developer (not you, skip this step) executes the command:

aragon apm publish major --environment rinkeby --files dist/

The below assumes you install on rinkeby test network. If you want to install on the real mainnet, replace rinkeby everywhere below by mainnet. Also for Mainnet install and start Frame and add --use-frame to the end of commands.

The installation order:

  • Create an organization on (probably the most appropriate organization type for a court is “Membership”) and assign organization members.
  • Assign to somebody with Aragon command line the permission to manage apps. (See System / Permissions / System Permissions).
  • Vote for this.
  • Execute by this user:
dao install <ORG NAME> --environment rinkeby
  • Execute the following to find the new app :
dao apps <ORG NAME> --all --env rinkeby
  • Execute:
dao acl create <ORG ADDRESS> <reward PROXY ADDRESS> JUDGE_ROLE <voting PROXY ADDRESS> <voting PROXY ADDRESS> --env rinkeby
  • Vote for this permission.
  • Remove Manage Apps permission
  • Set owned contract and names contracts (“Manage” tab).

On Mainnet these contracts are the following:

owned: 0x0869a1354a90bb830d4B08c3288323a3bdeDa7B6
names: 0x128e1393278f6B553FCe2021d7a049dfAA7De628

On Rinkeby these contracts are the following:

owned: 0x161e20B776F73A92480Cc6fB24344Ee918eC6dD8
names: 0xc417fF8843d98909F741e47d3A94213430ed11e1