Ways to contribute:

– design (both of the app and of its site)

– helping to deploy to Aragon, I have a trouble with this

– fixing Aragon bugs

– improving and bug fixing of my software together with me; for example, you could help to write a “factory” app to produce new courts; intercourt transfer for end users is still missing; etc.

– writing and marketing (probably, at first in free software community) and hiring judges; need to go viral (!)

– keeping mailing lists to communicate with possible future judges (it may be FSF, United Nations (but isn’t it fake?), etc.)

– reliable Web hosting

– consulting me about Aragon

– review of my design decisions (both backend and UI), finding a way to improve (for core contracts need to be done before the official launch)

– putting our tokens to crypto exchanges; our own exchange (ERC-1155)

– wiki(s)/forums/etc. for discussing decisions of judges

– tech support to judges

– other things in the future (e.g. porting it to DAOstack)

– documentation

– maybe, I missed something