More prizes: Free money for prize recipients

To Abel Prize Board and Committee:

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Hello, Abel Prize board and committee,

You have money. But your money is not enough to reward every mathematician worth reward.

So I offer you a software that allows you to mint money in unrestricted quantities. It is possible to do due to the newest blockchain technologies.

In short my idea: In addition to the monetary prize, offer 10-15 or so additional crypto prizes (one of which would be sent to the same person as the monetary prize), so that everybody on your list worth reward could receive the reward.

See here for a live beta version demo.

See here for the project description.

See here for the installation instructions (free tech support provided)

Enter the kind of currency you want to produce, the amount, and the recipient and click “Mint!” to mint crypto money.

My software supports voting. So, the prize committee and/or the board could vote with this software (not only for crypto prizes but possibly for the regular money prize, too).

BitCoin became costly because it is hard to produce it. It will be also hard to persuade your court to pay for somebody. So the tokens you mint are expected to also become costly. I hope, the crypto prizes will become more valuable than the existing money prize.

Now the software is beta. It remains mainly a security audit and design. In the meantime, you can start preparing a new version of the Statues to incorporate the rules for the crypto prizes. Moreover, I strongly advise you to extend with more committees and more members to consider a broader range of mathematicians to reward more works. (Now we have an unrestricted amount of money.) Please consider creating more committees to increase your judging throughput.

Don’t miss the opportunity to help mathematicians at zero cost for you! (as monies are minted)

The release is expected soon.

Victor Porton <>

+972-545229306 (Ashkelon, Israel)

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