Let form committees for math prizes (There is a source of money.)

To mathematical societies:

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Hello, mathematicians and mathematical societies,

I propose you to form committees that will give crypto prizes to mathematicians.

You could accept donations in crypto and distribute it to recipients, but that’s an old hat. The new thing is that (with our software) you mint prize money yourself, in unrestricted quantities! Now you do not need to have money to give money to somebody other, just mint money with the latest blockchain technologies.

BitCoin became costly because it is hard to produce it. It should be also reasonably hard to persuade your committee to pay to somebody. So the tokens you mint are expected to also become costly.

See here for a live beta version demo.

See here for the project description.

See here for the installation instructions (free tech support provided)

Enter the kind of currency you want to produce, the amount, and the recipient and click “Mint!” to mint crypto money. My software supports voting. So, the prize committees can vote with this software.

Now the software is beta. It remains mainly a security audit and design. In the meantime, please form committees that will judge whom to give rewards.

Don’t miss the opportunity to help mathematicians at almost zero (well, you need to pay a few dollars per year for fulfilling blockchain transactions) costs for you! Use tough edge blockchain tech, we are in 21st century.

I self-assign myself as the coordinator of the committees with the purpose not to form too many duplicate committees but organize well. This email is written before the software release to give you enough time to establish committee members and committee rules. Don’t hesitate to write to porton.victor@gmail.com

Existing prizes like Abel Prize and Breakthrough prize are not enough, let us form new prizes! Consider for example the software author’s algebraic general topology and ordered semigroup actions theory that were not yet rewarded.

The software release is expected soon.

Victor Porton <porton.victor@gmail.com>

+972-545229306 (Ashkelon, Israel)

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