Join the working group for PolyPrize, a new math prize

Hello mathematicians,

Please join the working group for PolyPrize, a crypto alternative to Abel Prize and Nobel Prize. If you are an established scientist, we very much welcome you to become a committee member for deciding who will receive the prizes. See the above URL for more information. Please also post nominations for the prizes (self-nominations are currently accepted).

We will allocate crypto prizes to worthy mathematics and applied mathematics discoveries.

See here for a live beta version demo.

See here for the project description.

Don’t miss the opportunity to help mathematicians at almost zero (well, you need to pay a few dollars per year for fulfilling blockchain transactions) costs for you! Use tough edge blockchain tech, we are in 21st century.

Don’t hesitate to write to

Existing prizes like Abel Prize and Breakthrough prize are not enough, let us form our own prize!

Victor Porton <>

+972-545229306 (Ashkelon, Israel)

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