A unique way for climate experts and activists to incentivize and reward responsible climate behaviors

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How can we as a society encourage and reward effective civic actions and inventions that help reduce climate change?

The current system does not incentivize positive behaviors, like putting a solar panel on your roof or building wind turbines. It also does not incentivize inventions that could come from anywhere, like the teenager who came up with a feasible way to capture carbon.

Crypto Rewards Court will encourage and fund inventions and individual actions that can make a difference:

  • Climate experts and activists like yourself form committees or “reward courts” on the platform, which decide how much a climate action or invention is worth.
  • For those deemed worthy, crypto money is minted and allocated as a “reward”.
  • The value of these rewards grows due to scarcity, much like the value of Bitcoin.

This way, society as a whole benefits: the individual actions benefit all, and an invention is available to everyone.

We are launching the software, so we are asking climate experts and activists like yourself to begin forming judging committees to decide who to give rewards to. I am available to answer any questions about how this works, and to help with installation.

See here for a live beta version demo.

See here for the project description.

See here for the installation instructions (free tech support provided) that is I will install it for you.

You will be asked to enter the kind of currency you want to produce, the amount, and the recipient and click “Mint!” to mint crypto money. Then, you can vote on initiatives, and allocate rewards to those you decide on. The cost of doing this is almost zero (well, you need to pay a few dollars per year for fulfilling blockchain transactions)

I am acting as coordinator of the committees to avoid duplicate committees and ensure their smooth running. Don’t hesitate to write to porton.victor@gmail.com

We need judges! You should become a judge. Please write back.

Victor Porton <porton.victor@gmail.com>

Ashkelon, Israel

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