A new way to finance free software (beta release)

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I invented a new way to finance free software. There was a contradiction: software needs to be free for every user, but software authors should receive a reward. Various ways to solve this problem: ads, sponsoring, donations, etc. all have their deficiencies.

Software must be free for each individual user, but the world should pay for it. Because we can’t tax the entire world, the only way to do this is to mint new money ourselves, producing inflation to sustain free software.

I it is exactly what my Web app does.

See here for a live beta version demo.

See here for the project description.

You just enter the kind of currency you want to produce, the amount, and the recipient and click “Mint!” to mint crypto money.

My software supports voting. So, you can form a court, which would vote whom to send money.

BitCoin became costly because it is hard to produce it. If you become just judges, it will be also hard to persuade your court to pay to somebody. So the tokens you mint are expected to also become costly. Consider sending a token to Linus Torvalds. It was his hard work. So how much will his one token cost? After all, it is Linus’ one’s special value.

Now the software is beta. It remains mainly a security audit and design. Please help with this. As soon as we finish it, we can form actual courts (see the installation instructions, free support by me provided). I assume that the best way to form courts is under the agenda of existing free software foundations. Please contact me if you want to form a court for rewarding free software. Don’t miss the opportunity to help free software at zero cost for you! (as monies are minted, not just donated)

Enjoy the new world, where free software to become more profitable than the commercial one. Free for each one, paid from the world assets (as the crypto market grows).

Donations in crypto and fiat are accepted (yet) before we switch to the new financing model.

Don’t ignore this message, start to convene judges for your court! The release is expected soon.

Victor Porton <porton@narod.ru>

+972-545229306 (Ashkelon, Israel)

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